GMS takes action

Tomorrow we have Ted talks which i have talked about in previous blogs. This is where we get up on stage and talk about our 20% project. I’m so nervous. I have tried to memorize my speech perfectly, but im just so scared to get in front of so many people and present. I have accomplished so much with my group like finishing my speech, finishing my elevator video, meeting our mentor, creating the flyers, and even printing the flyers. I feel really accomplished by these because we have done so much and we have finished a lot. I love this project so much and i love being bale to help people and being able to do this project with friends.

The last thing my group and i need to finish for our project is printing the rest of the posters and hanging them up. We still need to get the word out about our donations and get more books. We already have 150 books which is a huge accomplishment because our goal was 200 books in the first 2 weeks, and we haven’t even started getting donations yet. I need to get more books for the project and i would like to go around the neighborhood and get at least 500 books in the next week. Once we get those we will go to the orphanage and give the books to the kids. We were told we could get all ages of books which is easy to get, and there weren’t any recommended authors.


If i were to go back to the middle or beginning of our project and changed something, I would probably change my elevator video and put more time into it. It was rushed. I filmed it at home and the next day i watched it over and decided to re-do the whole video. When i re did it i was at school and i had about 45 minutes left of class. I went in the hallway with my friend i was filming it with. We had to film both of our videos so we took up the whole time to make the videos we made at least 9 videos for each of us. We rushed it a little just because the time we had left in the class. The video turned out a good but i wish i spoke clearly and did it in a better location.Smiley Face John Keogh via Compfight


Our final books

For my project we are having donations for books. Once we get all the books we are taking them to an orphanage. The most rewarding part of this project is being able to help others. It is an amazing feeling to know that you are helping other people and making a difference. I am working with a group so it makes it an even more fun experience for all of us. I love being able to walk around my neighborhood putting up flyers and informing people on what we are doing. Some final details I have left to wrap up in the last couple weeks are we need to get more books. We already have gone over our goal which was 150. Our mentor decided to get about 100 but we would like to get even more books. My thoughts on the GMS takes action speech, is that its a good cause. This is when at the end of this project we go and present these projects to the community. I think its a good cause because we are informing people on how easy and fun it is to help the community in so many ways. Over all I love this project so far and it’s one of my favorites we have done this year. Although it takes a lot of time and effort it’s all worth it to know you are helping someone.smiley face stress ballCreative Commons License J E Theriot via Compfight

Stuck In An Elevator

Do you have a heart? If so you should really watch the video down below. This week I told you about my 20% project and everything about how I filmed the video. We made a video about why a random person in an elevator should advertise our project. The video is down below and you should really watch this video. You should watch it because its about how good the cause of donating books to orphans is. We are having donations for them and if you have a heart, you should watch the video. Orphans are sometimes very depressed within the situation they have. Being apart of this project is amazing because you know you are helping people and you also know you are doing a good cause. If you watch I know a lot of you will want to be apart of this. Children are everyone’s future and if we help them now we will have a better future. It will also help them with any depression if they have. This video is important to my group and I because we are so happy we get to be apart of something so nice with a new experience


St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s day was a few days ago and my ELA  teacher thought it would be fun to do a blog. You may have some questions like ”Why does green represent this day?” The reason is The color green has been associated with Ireland since at least the 1640s, when the green harp flag was used by the Irish Catholic Confederation. They have used this color for this holiday ever since. You may also ask “Why are leprechauns associated with St Patrick Day?” This is because Leprechauns are also associated with St. Patrick’s Day just like green ,but the only reason they are is because they’re Irish. Leprechauns are usually mean little creatures. The reason why gold is associated with this holiday is because since leprechauns love gold! If leprechauns are associated with St. Patrick’s gold has to also.  Leprechauns  love gold so that is the only reason why it’s with the holiday. Those are some thing about St. Patrick’s Day and it’s history! Happy St. Patrick's Day BrickinNick (DarthNick) via Compfight

Blog #5 and 20% project

This week my group and I (Go check out their blogs  and . accomplished our flyers. We wanted to make flyers to advertise our project and we did. Anna and I will both be printing about 25 flyers and so in all we will have 50 and we will put them around our neighborhood. By our next deadline we want to have about 150 books after raising. We are goign to try to get 200 and over books for the orphanage. This week some issues we have had is mine and another group members elevator video isn’t turning in. We have tried a few things and nothing works. We fixed this by asking other people and asking how they did it but mine still won’t work. I am feeling very happy about our project because we have gotten a lot done and we are on track but im also kind of sad because i haven’t turned in my video which isn’t good because that lowers my grade. We hope to raise more books!


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مركز الشيخ إبراهيم بن محمد آل خليفة للثقافة والبحوث #2


What Have I Accomplished?

I accomplished finishing and and memorizing elevator script. I am feeling very happy and accomplished about this because it took some time to do and I am happy i finally finished it. Some problems i have ran into this week were when we went to meet our mentor one of our group members couldn’t make it so we were also questioned why and we had to make up some more questions as if we were her. We tried to have the same amount of questions as we would if our other group member was there. We fixed them by adding more advanced and a bigger number of questions. We plan to start putting up the flyers since we already created them.

What have I achieved?

In my previous blogs I have written about my 20% project. My group and I have come very far in accomplishing things. This week our mentor and our group have been sending back to back e-mails discussing where we will meet to talk about the project, how many books should we fund raise, and what kind of books or authors should we should request for people to donate. She said more of children books such as Judy Bloom, Geronimo Stilton, and even older ones by Louis Sachar and Bruce Coville. We will be meeting some where in Ohio just because we live not a very short distance away, but that would be the best place to meet. We have also accomplished our tagline. My group thought about taglines for companies such as Subway, MacDonalds, and Nike and wanted to do a pretty short 3-2 word tagline. We decided we would make our tagline ¨Benifit other lives¨. We choose to do this because we are helping others in this project by improving their education, making their vocabulary stronger, increasing memories, and more. We are doing something called an elevator pitch where we have to make a video and show how we would persuade someone to advertise or be apart of our project if we were stuck in an elevator for only one minute. We have to explain our whole project in that amount of time and add supporting details to make them want to be apart of our project.  This week we started on our elevator pitch outline which we still have to finish because our explanation is not complete. We will get in done this weekend before Monday. I feel like I am on track because there are other groups in the grade that don´t have as much done as we do. Some other groups are behind us and haven´t even started a lot of what we started and i think my group is feeling the same. I am also excited because my group and I have accomplished everything we need right now and we have a response from our mentor. Go check out my group members and their blogs! Anna  AND Liana – click their names to go to their blog.College Student Daniel Foster via Compfight

20% project update #2



20% project
By: Allie

This week for my accomplishment was getting another reply from my mentor. We decided when we are going to meet up and where. We talked about our schedule and when is the right time for all of us. It was a little later than we all thought be cause we have to fit it in with a date where all of us could come and we were busy. Now that we are far into the project i feel confident because we have gotten  lot of things done and we don’t have much to go and practically got most the the difficult things out of the way. We found our mentor, finished our outline for our project, started our new outline, and we decided to start having donations now. I have not met up with my mentor yet but we decided February 24th and probably somewhere in Cincinnati. My plans to achieve my goal next Friday is to get the magazine to advertise our project. We will be asking our neighborhood country club to advertise it this weekend.


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My 20% project

This is my 20% project. I have already done a blog explaining what my 20% project is. I will be  giving an update on my project.  In my last blog it read that I would be giving clothes to Goodwill. With the money i get from Goodwill, i would buy ingredients and bake sweets for the homeless. We have now changed our group project. My project will be collecting book and having donations for book or money to buy books. With these books we will be giving them to the Orphanage. I will be working with Anna and LianaLiz. Some goals that my group has accomplished this week is finding a mentor. We emailed a woman at the Orphanage and she agreed to be our mentor. We will be calling or e-mailing her to see when a good time to meet up in person is, so that we can talk about our schedule. So far i am feeling very confident about our project because we have gotten everything sorted out. We found a mentor, we have a timeline, and we also did our speech. These past few week while we have been working on our project we have ran into a lot of problems. One of our problems was we thought our mentor was going to say no. What happened was that another group from our school had already asked her to be their mentor and so we thought that we would have to find a new mentor/ orphanage. Thankfully she said yes to being both of our mentors and we are working together to get different things for the orphanage. How we fixed that was we talked to the other group. In the e-mail she said that she would be happy to help both groups but she did not know if it was okay with our teachers so we asked. Our teachers said yes and we e-mailed her back and told her the good news. Now she is our mentor and we worked out with the other group that we would get the books and they would get craft supplies because that was their project. Of course we have to have a timeline for our project and how we will schedule it. This is our timeline.


1/27 Now that we have a mentor we will put flyers up around the school
2/10 Meet up with our mentor
2/24 Keep collecting books and money and plan to meet up with our mentor again
3/10 Collecting and starting to count our donations to the Orphanage
3/24 bring books to orphanage and see their reaction
4/7 Start memorizing our speech and get ready to present
4/21 Memorize our speech and meet up with mentor last time
5/5 Memorize and practice speech and giving donations
5/19 Present our speech



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20% Project

This week in my PBL class, we are doing an assignment called The 20% Project. For this project we were put to a task to go out in our community and some how make a difference of something or help. For this,  decided that I wanted to do something for the less fortunate. I was thinking on what to do. I picked a group. I wanted a group that I could work with well, and a group that i now that I can work with and not get distracted. My group is me, Lianaliz, and Anna. (Go check out their blogs!) We have made multiple accomplishments and my main accomplishment was switching groups. At first, I was with two of my really good friends , but realized that I might not get much done with them. I switched to my friends that I knew I could work well with and not get distracted. We have a very good project also. Our project is we are going to go around the school and make posters. Our posters will be informing fellow school mates a to donate any clothes that you don’t use or wear. With the clothes. we will be donating them to Plato’s Closet and get money for them.
With the money we will be buying ingredients to make the kids sweets and deserts in the orphanage. We will be buying arts and crafts and having station with them to have fun. We have run into a problem of one of the homeless shelters we were going to do was not open for things like that but thankfully we found another one.  We fixed it by looking up other orphanages and actually the one we found after the first one is closer. Next we are planning to call the orphanage and somehow schedule the event. We also plan to ask the principle to make posters and put them around the school.


Malted Milk Balls

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